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Dr. Stephanie Soares, PT DPT BikePT

Dr. Stephanie Soares earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. For almost fifteen years, Stephanie has been helping active individuals get back to doing what they love and preventing re-injury.


Stephanie is a proud provider of services for cyclists including bike fitting, performance training and cyclist-specific rehabilitation. She is a certified bike fitter through a program specific for physical therapists.

My Story

"I opened Cape Cod Bike Fit in 2018 which soon after grew to include physical therapy services and became Cape Cod Be Fit & Bike Fit.

I hit a point in my physical therapy career where I thought, why shouldn't everyone receive the care I would give a friend or family member? So I set out to create that experience for all of my clients. In my practice, if an injury occurs and you don't know what to do about it, give me a call, let's figure out next steps. If you need to be seen in the office, let's book an appointment that works around your schedule. Questions between appointments? No problem, send me a text or email. 

I provide exceptional treatment without delay and prevent recurrence of symptoms. Who wants to wait 4-6 weeks to start PT? Certainly not my clients. I guarantee a consultation within 48 hours and an office visit within a matter of days not weeks. My clients come to me because they don't want to be told to stop being active, they didn't get the attention or results they wanted with traditional PT and they've heard the results my clients are getting."

Let's Connect

Are you ready to get started? Want a little more information? Let me know!


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