• Stephanie Soares

Active Cape Cod: Episode 01 Introduction

I’m your host, Dr. Stephanie Soares, physical therapist and certified bike fitter. I am the owner of Cape Cod Bike Fit helping cyclists of all abilities improve confidence, comfort and performance on their bikes and Cape Cod Be Fit which helps active Cape Codders overcome injury and get back to doing what they love. Welcome to my podcast!

Active Cape Cod is a place for Cape Codders to share what they are passionate about. This includes businesses serving the active population, local clubs, upcoming events, and health and wellness professionals providing education. The Cape has an awesome sense of community and I’d love to promote our local businesses and provide Cape Codders with information and insights they may not otherwise come across. I encourage suggestions from the audience, if there is someone you’d like to hear from or a topic you are curious about, send me a message.

In this episode:

- Meet Dr. Stephanie Soares, PT DPT CKTP BikePT

- Learn about the Active Cape Cod Podcast

- Submit suggestions for future guests and topics

Show Resources:

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