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We Help Active
Cape Codders
Overcome Injury and
Achieve Their
Fitness Goals

Have some questions you'd like to discuss prior to booking an appointment? Not sure if we are a good fit? Let's schedule a call to answer your questions and discuss your options.

Looking for more information about availability and pricing? Fill out a quick form so we can better understand your needs and we will be in touch!

Not sure if we can help? Come in for a no obligation Total Body Diagnostic and leave with an action plan.

Tired of being in pain?
Not able to participate in the activities you enjoy?
Looking for fast and lasting results?

If you are effected by pain or immobility, physical therapy should be your first stop. Cape Cod Be Fit uses a patient centered approach to care. Treatments are 100% one on one because your appointment is your time. You will always see the same provider and the emphasis of treatment will always be
working towards your personal goals.

Cape Cod Be Fit & Bike Fit 3 Step Process

Reduce Pain

Address Root Cause of the Problem

Teach you
How to Keep it from
Coming Back

What People Are Saying About
Cape Cod Be Fit & Bike Fit

- Ramond K.

"Dr. Stephanie is excellent! I had some hip pain and associated tightness in my legs. She was thoughtful in diagnosing the problem and gave me the right therapy to get back to moving properly in no time. She is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. She was also very responsive and flexible with my schedule."

- Nancy S.

"I started working with Stephanie several months ago for hip and back issues. Stephanie is very professional, knowledgeable and encouraging! I would highly recommend seeing Stephanie for any physical issues you may have."


230 Cotuit Road (Route 149), Marstons Mills, MA

(508) 205-9366

(508) 300-9144

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