We Help Active People
Overcome Injury and
Achieve Their Fitness Goals

Tired of being in pain?
Not able to participate in the activities you enjoy?
Looking for fast and lasting results?

If you are effected by pain or immobility, physical therapy should be your first stop. Cape Cod Be Fit uses a patient centered approach to care. Treatments are 100% one on one because your appointment is your time. You will always see the same provider and the emphasis of treatment will always be
working towards your personal goals.


Why Cape Cod
Be Fit?

Break away from traditional physical therapy. All visits are one-on-one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We value your time. No waiting, no time fillers such as performing exercises you can complete at home. Your care is 100% guided by your individual needs, not based on insurance reimbursement. It's time for your healthcare to be focused on you.

Physical Therapy

Taking care of the unique needs of cyclists including comprehensive bike fitting and rehabilitation services.


11 Pleasant Lake Avenue, Harwich, MA 02645

(508) 205-9366

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